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Camera Sync Pro Feature

Remote control, metadata, & logging of RED DSMC cameras.

Camera Sync Features
  • Connect wirelessly to supported RED EPIC and SCARLET DSMCv1 cameras via REDLink hardware or DSMCv2 cameras with built-in WiFi
  • Start & Stop recording
  • Set production information
  • Get live metadata from the camera
  • Set many camera settings such as FPS, White Balance, and ISO
  • Monitor media usage, power level, and fan speed
  • Supports logging and control when using MovieSlate 8’s Reality Multicam feature
  • Dedicated camera reports

Required Hardware
  • For supported RED EPIC and SCARLET cameras: a REDLink module connected to the camera
  • For supported DSMC v2 cameras: the camera's built-in WiFi network

Camera Reports
This feature includes a dedicated Camera report, detailing camera metadata and Notes & ratings made for each shot. Reports can be output in HTML or PDF right from MovieSlate.

Metadata straight from the camera
Logging the metadata your camera generates can be a tedious process thats prone to mistakes. Forget to increment the scene on the camera? Changed lenses from the last setup but forgot to update MovieSlate? What’s the precise timecode in of all your shots? When you use sync to a supported camera with MovieSlate you can get metadata from your camera as well as set data on the camera.

Embrace Change
When synced to a camera, MovieSlate will record changes to pitch, roll, and white balance as fast as the camera reports them. When your RED camera is outfitted with a “smart” lens MovieSlate will record changes to focus distance, iris, white balance, and focal length (for zoom lenses).

Easier input and control
Let MovieSlate be your your trigger— start and stop recording from MovieSlate’s Camera or Multicam tabs. Send metadata back to the camera including:
Production Director
Scene Cinematographer / DP
Take Camera Operator
Location / GPS Coords Copyright
Data1 Data2

Keep an eye on things
Monitor your media usage, battery levels, and even your camera’s fan speeds. When connected to a RED EPIC or SCARLET view the RGB histogram on MovieSlate’s Camera tab along with the camera’s other vitals.

Camera Sync Demo — RED Digital Cinema camera
MovieSlate 8 synched to a RED EPIC-X with a Dragon Sensor and a Cooke smart lens.

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