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Sync timecode, metadata, clap events with MovieSlate. A lightweight & durable BETSO wireless slate.

Image: Betso WTCS-1 front display

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WiFi ready for syncing with MovieSlate 8, the WTCS-1 has BETSO’s latest RF transceiver module for wireless transmission of timecode and status information. And of course a lot of more cool features to make your work easier.

The new BETSO WTCS-1 wireless time code slate is carefully designed to meet the rising demands on displayed information capability, overall product durability and lightweight and “plug and play” functionality. The BETSO WTCS-1 is Wi-Fi enabled device with super bright graphical LED display and timecode, clap events, and credits sync with MovieSlate 8.

The BETSO WTCS-1 also has the latest BETSO proprietary RF transceiver module for wireless transmission of time code and status information between BETSO products.

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1” Super-bright graphical LED display with Anti-glare Surface

Ambient light independent time code readouts are guaranteed thanks to a large, 1-inch high, super-bright graphical LED display with a special anti-glare surface that avoids reflection. Its brightness can be easily adjusted in ten modes to meet the actual lighting conditions or can be set automatically in relation to actual ambient light conditions thanks to an integrated sensor.

Image: BETSO WTCS-1 backlit slate
Backlit surface

The BETSO WTCS-1 has an adjustable writing sheet backlight with 4 selectable brightness levels.

Credits + metadata suported

When connected with MovieSlate 8, the WTCS-1 can display credits and metadata from MovieSlate on it’s bright, multi-function display— select the data you want presented, how long to display each piece of data, and which events to show credits:

Sticks Open = when sticks are opened
Sticks Clap = when sticks close
Shot Ends = when MovieSlate ends a shot
Default = when sticks are closed and no shot is in progress
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