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Frequently Asked Question Posted 08/07/2015

I bought MovieSlate 8 and I'm trying to Restore Purchases but my PRO Features subscription does not appear after tapping the Restore button.

There is an issue where the App Store is not returning a receipt when Restore Purchases is tapped.

If you need to Restore Purchases because you re-installed MovieSlate 8, or if you're trying to enable your PRO Features subscription on another one of your iOS 8 devices here's what to do:

1) Make sure you're signed into the same iTunes / Apple ID as when you purchased MovieSlate 8. (For those of you who use more than one account to make purchases).

2) Open MovieSlate and tap Settings > MovieSlate Store. In the PRO Features Subscription area tap the blue button with the price on it. The App Store will ask for your Apple ID password and then ask you to Confirm your purchase. Don't panic!

3) Tap OK, then the App Store will tell you you're already subscribed and MovieSlate will then enable the PRO Features and that blue button will change to read "Manage".

If you have problems or questions please use the Bug Report tool that you can find under the Help tab, Contact Us.

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