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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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41 Q. How do I purchase MovieSlate plugins? Posted 11/01/2011 Sales
42 Q. I lost your app. How can I reinstall it without buying it again? Posted 11/01/2011 Sales
43 Q. I've restored my iOS device, but now my MovieSlate plugins are no longer enabled. How do I get my plugins back? Posted 11/01/2011 Plugins
44 Q. Can I edit/correct Sound Dept meta data after the shot ends? Posted 10/31/2011 Sound Dept
45 Q. Why are MovieSlate Plugins priced higher than the app itself? Posted 10/31/2011 Plugins
46 Q. What are the Sound Department Plugin Specifications? Posted 10/31/2011 Sound Dept
47 Q. How do I quit the MovieSlate app? Posted 10/31/2011 Troubleshooting
48 Q. Is there an iPad-optimized version of MovieSlate? Posted 10/06/2011 General
49 Q. Why does MovieSlate’s speaker button seem to mute the volume? Posted 10/06/2011 General
50 Q. How do I sync my camera’s timecode to MovieSlate’s timecode displays? Posted 10/06/2011 Timecode Sync
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