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31 Q. I want to sync multiple iOS devices with MovieSlate but I'm on location and there is no Wifi access, what can I do? Posted 03/13/2012 Timecode Sync
32 Q. Can MovieSlate's Sound Department plug-in send my sound reports in Acrobat PDF format? Posted 02/03/2012 Sound Dept
33 Q. I've exported my shot log from MovieSlate to Final Cut Pro 7 XML format, now what do I do with it? Posted 02/03/2012 Documentation
34 Q. Will MovieSlate support the new XML format introduced by Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 update? Posted 02/02/2012 General
35 Q. How can I print MovieSlate reports directly from my iOS Device? Posted 12/01/2011 Documentation
36 Q. What does M.O.S. stand for? Posted 11/01/2011 General
37 Q. Do you have a list of cameras compatible with MovieSlate's LTC "PRO Sync" module? Posted 11/01/2011 Plugins
38 Q. My cameras are old DV units or are consumer models with no LTC support. Can MovieSlate's optional PRO Sync module still help me sync a multi-cam shoot? Posted 11/01/2011 Timecode Sync
39 Q. How did you shoot your website's videos? Posted 11/01/2011 General
40 Q. I purchased a MovieSlate plugin on one iOS device, do I have to buy it again on my other iOS device? Posted 11/01/2011 Sales
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